Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you admit my family member ?

If we have a vacancy it is usually as soon as we can arrange an assessment of needs with you, your family and the Hospital or GP (less than a week in some cases).

When can we visit?


Who can visit?

Any friends, relatives or professionals you want to invite, they will need to sign in and out.

Can I offer friends a cup of tea?

Yes of course, we can make that for you.

Is there a choice of food at each meal ?

Yes always.

What if I don't like it when it comes ?

Just tell us and well make you something else.

Can I have my favourite clothes and toiletries?

Of course.

What can I bring with me?

Smaller items like favourite photos are best but let's discuss it.

Very delicate fabrics may not be suitable for the high temperature washing machines.

Can Mum keep her GP?

Yes if they agree.

Can you arrange a GP?


Can I get involved ?

With pleasure, we welcome all volunteers, and you are regularly invited to residents and family meetings to help us maintain our high quality of service.

Can I make my opinions known?

Yes please, we always listen to feedback and seek to make positive changes if we make mistakes.

You can always speak with any of us and there is an anonymous suggestion box in reception.

Where can I get help with funding ?

We can advise and point you in the right direction for specialist advisers.

Do we have to be Catholic ?

Not at all, but we have wonderful facilities in our Chapel and from visiting Sisters if you are, just ask.

How can I get to Mass?

We can help you if you are a wheel chair user.

How can I get Holy Communion if I can't move around?

We have visiting Sisters ( from the Convent attached ) who will come every day if you wish.

What activities do you run?

We have weekly Exercise and Art groups, Mass twice a week,  Singing and visiting musicians. We host Birthday parties and hold open days and special meals.

Do I have to join in activities if i don't feel like it?

Not at all, you always have a choice but we do try to encourage socialising as it is so good for us all.

Can I go out with my family or friends?

Of course we will need to ensure you have all your medications and contact details and your visitor document your activity and sign in and out of the home.

Do you arrange outings ?

Yes just ask us and we can arrange it.

Can I have one to one care?

Yes of course, this is charged extra by arrangement.

Can I look after myself, I'm quite independent ?

Yes if your medical assessment supports this.

Can I have a phone / Internet in my room?

This can be arranged for an extra charge.

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