Lady of the Vale Nursing Home Bowdon: Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit

We are Registered and judged "Compliant" by the Care Quality Commission. We are governed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition and registered with The Charities Commission as a not for profit organisation.

100% Quality Care

Have peace of mind that you and your loved one is in safe hands. We have a highly skilled team of Nurses and Care assistants to help you 24 hours a day. We have fast response relationships with local Hospitals, GP's and Pharmacies . we are always there but never intrusive. Our systems and policies are robust and our Administration and Finance Team are there to help and advise.

Personal Service

You may need short or long term Nursing care and personal assistance but life is more than medical procedures. You choose when you get up, when and what you have for breakfast, lunch and supper. You choose how and where to spend time. If you need support we are there for you. If you like your space we respect that. If you have become isolated we gently help you to reconnect if you wish.

Expert Nursing Care

Our team of Nurses are well qualified, experienced and skilled in caring for older people who need Nursing care whatever your diagnosis or length of stay. We are expert in Nursing those with Post operative conditions, chronic pain, General debility, Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Terminal Illness and End of Life Care. We help you to live a good life every day of your life.

Dignity and Respect

moving into our home is a big decision and we understand that you have always lead an independent and successful life and wish to be consulted on your care and make your own decisions about how you live, " nothing about me without me" is our code. We consult with family and your medical advisers too if you have given us permission. We handle personal care and assistance with sensitivity and respect. Your dignity is assured.

Lady of the Vale Nursing Home : Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit.